The Three Bears Childcare Center

Where children come first.


Steve and I are so grateful we found the Three Bears Childcare center. Our son loves you and Miss Nikki and the extensive curriculum you provide. He is so excited when he shows us his art work and talks about his day. Thank you for the great care and love you give him each day.

Steve and Mary

When I returned to work after having my child I knew the single most important thing I had to do was put my child in an environment where he would continue to know that the world was a safe and nurturing place. We are very lucky to have found that in you and Miss Nikki. We love your curriculum, circle time and all the art projects he takes home. We love each night listening to him talk about new concepts that he learned. Thank you for all the individual attention you give to each and every child. My child is now socially, emotionally and cognitively ready for kindergarten. Thank you both for all that you do.

Jan and Joe

The Three Bears Childcare center made it possible for me to go back to work. Thank you for being flexible and meeting all our needs. It has been such a relief to know that our children have been in great hands. We never had to worry because we knew they’ve been well educated, well cared for, well fed and well loved, not to mention having a great time. We know as they enter Kindergarten they have all the skills required as well as self-confidence. Thank you for giving my children a great start in life.

Kathryn and Erik

Thank you for providing our children with such a great childcare experience. We really appreciate all the effort and love you and Miss Nikki provide. When I tell people about your center I always describe all the little things you both do for the children that shows not only your commitment and professionalism, but also your love for the children. We enjoy seeing all the special art projects, and hearing about the stories and new concepts they learn each day. We love the curriculum for each age group as well as your individual educational plan. You both are two of the most important people in our family’s life. We love the commitment you make every day to your children’s social, emotional and physical well being. Thank you for providing such a safe and nurturing environment. We are very lucky to have found you both.

Pam and Dan